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Our production is limited to offer better prices for our customers and reduce environmental impact for our planet.

You will not find Xnowmate in large distribution companies, big online retailers, or discounts clubs.

We might sell more, but what we sell is 100% sustainable.

This is how it works:


Our footwear is made by hand in Europe.

We produce in very limited quantities in a top quality factory. We test every single product made -one by one- to assure waterproofness.

We ask for a guarantee of fair labor and no discrimination policies, unlike many companies.


Our premium recycled materials are expensive and sourced in Europe, in Spain and Italy.

Our colors are specifically designed for us and made for us. Our outsoles are designed by us and made in Spain.

Because of the limited production we know exactly which colors and sizes are more demanded, avoiding waste.


We trust in an expert logistics company.

The warehouse is located in the center of Spain. It is one of the most new and robotized warehouses in the world, also used by well know brands.

We can ship items in stock immediately without human delays and provide a super accurate delivery date. Items in production are shipped as soon as available.


We only sell online directly to our customers avoiding distribution costs.

If we sell in shops the price of our products would be at least 219€.

Big discounts are fake, don´t trust them. We don't make Black Friday, Mid Term, or end of season Sales, our price is the best price we can give you, period.

Xnowmate ISPO Award Germany


  • You are buying a premium product at a fair price which would be much more expensive under the traditional way of manufacturing and selling shoes

  • You are reducing the environmental impact and taking care of our planet

  • You are supporting the European local industry and fighting against unfair labor

  • You are developing a small brand committed to change this world, showing there are alternative ways to make sustainable businesses.


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