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Xnowmate was born free in the mountains. We are enterpreneurs in a world of big brands and we believe in a global and sustainable world where we all are responsible of our future.

This is the amazing journey we took to get here:


Xnowmate idea was born and patented in Spain by a young entrepreneur in 2003. He thought walking with ski boots was a nightmare and envisioned a new concept of winter footwear: not heavy, not bulky, but waterproof, warm, comfortable and foldable. The company was founded in 2004 and after 5 series of prototypes developed in one of the best footwear R+D labs the idea turned into a reality. The first Xnowmate were manufactured in Spain in the 2014-2015 season and won an award at the prestigious ISPO Munich for its innovation and quality. It was the first time that such a young Spanish company got this award. Not so crazy after all.


Our first model was very innovative but the outsole was too flat for snow and watery surfaces, so in the 2017-18 season we reinvented ourselves by incorporating a sole with high end technology to improve grip on ice and snow, and we incorporated a high boot model. Soon we began to receive incredible feedback from people all around the globe, people love to wear Xnowmate. So lightweight, so warm, so comfortable, so convenient. They wear them not only for skiing, also to go outdoors, to photograph the forest at night, to go sailing, even mushing or riding horses, or in cities when snow makes it difficult to walk. We realized that there was an opportunity beyond ski slopes - a new generation was born. 


We knew our boots were great for outdoors but honestly, not too nice in terms of style. Therefore we decided to combine the technology we already had with modern design to create stylish outdoor boots that not only look and feel great, but offer unparalleled performance. Designed in London with one of the world´s top footwear design studios, Xnowmate 3.0 became an instant success in Kickstarter, the biggest crowdfunding platform, reaching the first position in the most popular footwear industry category. More than 10.000 pairs have been sold in North America, Europe, and Asia. Xnowmate 3.0 is loved and recognised by happy customers in tough markets as Japan, Germany, or USA.


We learned that our sizing was very complex, that we should make the boots even more easy to put on, and that we could make them even more stylish for urban customers. We had also the chance to improve materials, add technical innovations. But more important: we wanted to make Xnowmate sustainable in every aspect. But not only that, our young company has committed to contribute to world´s sustainability changing the way we produce and deliver, opting for the pre-order model to reduce waste and increase responsibility, no mass production, no overstocking, no over wasting in paper and carton, no absurd sales to kill stock.... We support our local industry and fight against unfair labor and discrimination. Maybe we will not sell as much as big companies, but what we sell will not harm the planet. Now Xnowmate is the best Xnowmate ever!


Only the best products win an ISPO award in Munich, Germany, where a jury of industry experts test hundreds of products and choose the best ones according to their design, quality, and innovation. We did it and we are very proud of it.




A revolutionary multi-layer construction with the best materials to keep your feet warm and dry

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We produce by pre-order avoiding waste and over-stock

Our footwear is hand made with care supporting the European industry fighting against unfair labor and discrimination

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