Who we are, our history

Xnowmate is an independent company founded by Spanish entrepreneurs and this is our story:

We are skiers, of the bunch, but we like the snow. We have always thought that ski boots are too heavy and too uncomfortable to walk, especially at the end of the day! Traditional apres-ski boots are not an answer because they are very large and heavy.

The solution…

One day of skiing we had a very simple idea, some waterproof and folding snow boots, too simple maybe. OK, and how do we continue?

We collected funds as we could and looked for someone who could turn the idea into reality. It took 5 years of development in one of the best research and development centers in Spain to achieve it.

We eliminated everything that made a snow boot rigid, heavy, uncomfortable, or simply what we did not like, and replaced it with flexible materials of the latest generation, and a lot of imagination.

After 5 series of prototypes and the help of many people Xnowmate was born. A new concept of footwear, waterproof, warm, comfortable, very light, unisex ... and foldable. Almost unbelievable, but it worked.

The first Xnowmate were manufactured in Spain in the 2014-2015 season and won an award at the prestigious ISPO Munich for its innovation and quality. It was the first time that such a young Spanish company got this award. We were not so crazy after all.

The second generation ...

In the 2017-18 season we reinvented ourselves by incorporating a sole with Hypergrip technology to improve grip on ice and snow, and we incorporated a high boot model. We jump to manufacture with a Korean multinational well known in the outdoor world for its quality.

This generation is sold all over the world, even in Japan. We continue hallucinating with what is happening, but we do not settle.

The future…

We continue dreaming as the first day, we will incorporate new designs, new materials, sizes for children, many new things that will arrive. It is not easy, but we do not give up.